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Yoga Teachers certified

by us are authorized to use  the initials "CYT®" (Certified Yoga Teacher) after their name.

Increase your visibility -  you will be featured on our web-site with contact, education and experience details making it easier for potential students in your area to contact you. 
Worldwide yoga network - participate in our events world-wide (at special discounted rates) such as: annual yoga conferences, continuing education workshops, and advanced teacher training courses.  Join a community of like-minded individuals throughout the world either with our online blog and facebook pages or by meeting in  person during regional events. 

How to get Yoga Alliance International certification?

Certification is a paid process open to both individuals and instituitions.  There is a one time fee for lifetime membership.

Individual Yoga Instructor Certification:

There are two ways in which Individuals can obtain certification:
1. Attend one of our Certified Teacher's Training Courses ( 200 hr Course for Intermediate Level or the 500 hr course for Advanced Certification). See 'Teacher Training Courses' page for Certified courses available worldwide.
2. Experienced Teachers Certification without formal YAI Qualifications (Special Consideration)

Yoga School Certification and Teacher Training Course Certification:

In order to get your School and/or Teacher Training Course certified by Yoga Alliance International you can fill out our application form and provide the required documents as outlined on our application.  Once your application has been approved there is a one-time fee to be paid for a lifetime membership with Yoga Alliance International. Once your School is YAI Certified students will feel secure knowing that you meet our high international standards and if you like you will be able to provide fully certified Teacher Training Courses and provide YAI diplomas to your future students.

We maintain a world-wide Yoga Teachers' Registry to recognize and promote teachers with training that meets  our standards.

Why get Yoga Alliance International Certification?

Credentials - establish yourself as a trustworthy yoga professional.  Certification provides worldwide recognition of your Yoga training, education, and knowledge.  Employers and students can be confident  that they are receiving yoga instructions from a well qualified teacher who meets our high training standards.

Yoga Alliance International Certification marks

YOGA ALLIANCE INTERNATIONAL Certification marks - use the certification following your name and on your marketing materials and website to enhance credibility.

Yoga Alliance International Certification Procedure

Individual yoga certification
school Certification
YAI Standards
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